Saturday, August 7, 2010

Liars, Cheats, and Thieve's.

We all know the deffinition of these words, and the meaning behind them. In some cases they go hand in hand. How many of us have encountered these people, and been hurt in some way by them? How many times have we allowed ourselves to be lied to, cheated and stolen from? A lie is one thing, in some cases a very real and tangable thing, but mostly words. A cheat, interesting thing about a cheat, they believe their hurting no one, or anything, but they are. A thief, a thief of property, or a thief of emotion, same difference, they ttake something from you, that you can't get back.

What do you do in the event you encounter one of the three, or all rolled into a single person? Do you shun them, do you ignore them, what if you have no choice but be faced with them everyday? How do you react? The liars, cheats and thieves, say one thing, but do another, lie to themself, and to their heart, and get what they ask for. When we lie to ourselves, we cheat ourselves, and we in turn thieve real happiness from who and what we are.

Which are you?

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